About us


Stephen Zondo Ministries and Foundation (SZMF) is an NPO; a faith-based organization started in 1988 by Archbishop Stephen Zondo and co-founder Pastor Seabi Zondo but was formally established in the
year 2011.

The SZMF aims to alleviate poverty through charity and community benefit activities within the following scopes: sport and recreation, destitute aid, funding tertiary students, Spiritual upliftment
and Moral regeneration programs. The goal of the foundation is to empower the situationally and natively disadvantaged to gain domination over mental, generational and demographic poverty.

The organization started within the church of Rivers of Living Waters Ministries with meals being served every Sunday and having big feasts for the underprivileged on Christmas day. The Foundation has grown to touch lives in South Africa and SADC Countries with its humanitarian deeds thus, it has been able to touch over millions of lives.

Stephen & Seabi Zondo



we continuously strive to display the love of God to the world through giving.


success comes from serving with humility and respecting relationships with internal and external partners.


we continuously strive to do everything in an excellent and orderly manner.


Honesty and Credibility: The foundation aims to consistently conduct itself in a manner that displays honesty and credibility.


Compelled by the African philosophy of Botho – which recognises the interconnectedness of humanity – the Stephen Zondo Foundation was established by His Excellency, Dr Archbishop B.S Zondo and Pastor PS Zondo in 2011. This simple word encapsulates the African concept of giving and caring for our neighbours and other members of our community. This selfless and compassionate quality is part of the age-old African culture and expresses the core value of humanity as goodness to our fellow men. The act of giving back has been and still is an integral part of our moral duty and collective responsibility. It is a concept that has held African families and communities together for generations, despite the continent’s many challenges. The Foundation is proud to pass it on to the next generation.

Disaster Relief

In response to a natural or man-made disaster

Food Parcels

The Foundation identifies children or old age homes in need of assistance